Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing with Rob broadcast 12th June 2016 on Sin Radio.

This week you can hear tracks from: Yung, Psycho Comedy, Little Rituals, Everything Fades, Dead Coast, Magic Shoppe, Juniore, Bilderberg Motel, Lights That Change, Psychic Heat, Shrines, Diablo Furs, Trojan Whores, Glaswen, Channel, Weird Radicals, Closer, Black Marble Selection, Turbo Fruits, Strange Hands, Nighttimes, Daniel William Daidone, Beastie Vee, Holograms, Angelic Milk, Wild Raccoon, Painted Palms, James Arthur’s Manhunt, Gorgeous Bully, Lapelles, Candace, Prefab Messiahs, Programm, Psychic Ills, Varsity, Confederate Dead, Blackrays, Wet Secrets, Decorum, Hideous Towns, Dream Police, Eskimo Chain


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