Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 26th June 2016 in Sin Radio.

This week you can hear tracks from: Beatles, AR Kaics, Palma Violets, Everywheres, Homesick, Julia Robert, New Age Healers, Shippa 63, Star, Toy, Surly Gates, Slaughter Beach, Pure Joy, Jack Hardy, Harlequins, Acidclank, Arctic Monkeys, Cerise, Delta 21, Holydrug Couple, Parrots, Secret Shine, Tame Impala, Adama, Hucks, Purs, Renard EmpaillĂ©, Shrinking Minds, Ultra Material, Watchout, Primal Scream, Tiger Waves, Queen of Jeans, Johnny Marr, End Of The Echo, Stamp, Kill City Creeps, Castlebeat, Jagwar Ma, Smilers, Palm Honey, Pink Mexico, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Das Pluto Gang, Britanys, Avers, Heaters


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