Catch up or listen to That Indie Thing broadcast 10th July 2016 on Sin Radio.

This week you can hear tracks from: Egoprisme, Alucinaria, Esskays, Kingdom Of The Holy Sun, Pink Mexico, Pure Joy People, You Are Number Six, Omega Vague, Pleasurists, Strange Things, Walrus, Backhomes, Jail Bang Revolver Gang, Flyying Colours, Holy Monitor, Maple Moths, Panic is Perfect, Warlocks, Best Coast, Cazimi, Reverberations, Safe Wounds, Fugazi, Dreaming Spires, Teenage Fanclub, Rich Girls, Sunghosts, Blind Owls, Tooth & Tusk, Cherry Blossoms, Hideout, Kyle Forester, Exnovios, White Glow, Honey Radar, Magic Wands, Bikini Lovers, Vultures, Blue Endless Abyss, Blackball Bandits, Durty Wurks, Daydream Fit, Modern Rituals


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