Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing with Rob broadcast 17th July 2016 on Sin Radio.

This week you can hear tracks from: Rich Girls, Mirror Mirror, Lola Colt, Lost Jackets, Soft Science, House Of Love, Somewhere Underwater, War Waves, Thousand Yard Stare, Acid Barretts, Strange Collective, Blank Tapes, Mary’s Restless Dream, Hockey Dad, Orange Kyte, Tom Greenwood, Roommates, Castillians, Foot, Franky Flowers, Cult of Dom Keller, Sonic Visions, Travel Check, Funerals, Spencer, Nice Biscuit, Plane Ticket, Planet, Records, Patrik Fitzgerald, Kleenex, Angelic Upstarts, Mekons, Buzzcocks, Magazine, Rich Kids, Joy Division, Carpettes, Lurkers, Adam & the Ants, Slaughter & The Dogs, XTC, 999, Wire, Rezillos, Stranglers


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