Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast Sunday 24th July 2016 on Sin Radio.

On the week’s show you can hear: Pixies, Spritzer, Cut Glass Kings, Garden Gate, Disq, Kingdom Of The Holy Sun, Film Jacket 35, Mother Beef, Holy Vision, New Moon, Pulse Pumps, Secrets Of The Third Planet, Sacred Shrines, Shana Falana, The Sun’s Evil Twin, Moondogs, Moondoggies, Wead, Amphibian Man, Channel, My Expansive Awareness, Spike & the Sweet Spots, Jellyskin, Tambo Rays, Palmas, Holy Springs, Record Play, Slow Down Molasses, Crocodiles, Tracy Chase, Black Delta Movement, Eerie Summer, Twist, Babes, Yassassin, Beäfets, We Are Wood, In Caves, City Gates, Soft Walls, Blind Shake, Police Force


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