Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Sin Radio on the 31st June 2016.

On this week’s show you can hear: Chameleons, Halfricannot, Sacred Shrines, Garden Gate, Midnight Jerks, Tiga Lilly, Nude Party, Doug Tuttle, Richmond Sluts, Nowhere, Shark’s Teeth, Queen Giza, Wildhoney, Whyte Horses, Sugar Candy Mountain, Gringo, Fantastic Something, Baston, Sugarthief, Grand Illusion, Retro Dizzy, Saint Agnes, B Boys, Echo Courts, Le Goût Acide Des Conservateurs, French Kissing, Toby Coke, Zen Mantra, King Of Luxembourg, Yankee Bluff, Astral Planes, Honeyblood, Beatastic, Tame Impala, Tambourine Girls, Besnard Lakes, Daoda, Dusty Mush, Ladada, Surf Friends, Sustains, Stout, Atlas Engine


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