Catch up with or listen again to that Indie Thing broadcast 2nd October 2016 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Rodney Cromwell – Fax Message Breakup
Gypsy & The Cat – Tragedies Of A Love Song
Babewatch – Wasted Time
Jim Mitchells – Alone, Stone
Evolfo – Last of the Acid Cowboys
Evolfo – Moon Eclipsed the Sun
Blackball Bandits – Along Highway 375
Sugarcubes – Birthday
Human League – Empire State Human
Oasis – Some Might Say
Zip Tie Handcuffs – Robot a go go
Zip Tie Handcuffs – Outta My Head
Sunchymes – Try
Citrus Clouds – Imagination
ToyGuitar – Move Like A Ghost
New Moon – Helium
Orchin – One
Orchin – If I Ever
Creepy Karpis – Trouble in Paradise
Parrots – I’m not Alone
Ghost Wave – Honeypunch
Ghost Wave – Blues Signal 79
Flaco Punx – Bubblegum
Iguana Death Cult – Sirens
Bee Bee Sea – Lou Weird
Bee Bee Sea – Stoned By Your Love
Shine! – Bite The Apple
Bardots – Sad Anne
DZ Deathrays – Pollyanna
Nimrod – Colorado
Voluptuous Panic – Last Spark of Hope
Heavens Gateway Drugs – Rubber Nun
Blind Shake – Old Lake
Blind Shake – Dots in the Fog
CopyCats – Scientist
Baby Woodrose – Freedom
Whyte Horses – La Couleur Originelle
Voxes – Snake Charmer
This Blinding Light – Mercury
Death Valley Sleepers – Hit The Twilight Sleep
Woken Trees – Yells
Orations – Oh, the Horror
Chain Wallet – Fading Light
Suburban Living – Come True
Mission Creeps – Paint it Black
Fake Laugh – I Made A Sound
Patience – The Pressure
My Invisible Friend – Endless


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