Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 9th October 2016 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Popincourt – I Found Out
Low Hum – Strange Love
Rakta – Intencao
Rod Blur – Monsters
Cellar Doors – Lies
Cellar Doors – Shine
FUZZBOX – Love Is The Slug
PJ Harvey – Sheela Na Gig
Suede – Beautiful Ones
Temples – Certainty
Tusks – Eyesaw
Abyssmals – Death Row Messiah
Golden Animals – Most My Time
Golden Animals – Sun Moon Star
Kingston – Good Health
Dead Vibrations – Drain
Greys – Fresh Hell
Tropical Popsicle – Keepers Of The Dawn
Rolls Bayce – Inside Out
Black Honey – Hello Today
Las Kellies – I Don’t Care
Las Kellies – Summer Breeze
Alex L’Estrange – Favourite Star
Cessna Deathwish – Jensen
Sinless – Cool
Teamsters – Sharp Suited Sun Of A Gun
Real Numbers – New Boy
Opatov – Can’t Move
Sungraze – In The Shadows
Sungraze – Perfect Circles
Peeling – Magic Eye
Aloha Bennets – No Me Importas
Clifffs – Crash
Best Friend – Always Is
Ether Feels – Morning Star (remaster)
Good Water – See Your Light
Lance Herman – Ride The Waves
Herlights – Morning Song
Kitty Tsunami – Surfs Up
Money War – Give It Time
B Boys – Sound Frequency
Balcony Stars – Crystal Bones
Bombay Royale – Monkey Fight Snake
Tide Bends – Where Are My Friends
Deja Vega – Friends In High Places
Bonfire Beach – Dreams In The Shadows
Dune Rats – Dalai Lama Big Banana Marijuana
Transistor – Nightworm
Gorlons – Look So Young
Les Deuxluxes – Springtime Devil
Surf Bored – The Urge
Table Scraps – Bad Feeling
Queen Giza – The Flu


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