That Indie Thing – Week 44, 2016

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 30th October 2016 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:

Exmagician – Kiss That Wealth Goodbye
Holy Vision – Wait
Three Three Fives – The Sky Is Turning Black
Kane Strang – Full Moon, Hungry Sun
Pink Frost – Striking Violet
Wead – By The Whey
Mink Coats – Apathy
Baby Woodrose – Dandelion
Esskays – To Want To Be Loved
Mars Water – Somewhere Nice
Grandaddy – Way We Won’t
Avers – Everything Hz
New Candys – Endless Deadline
Night Shades – Morticia
Mystery Lights – What Happens When You Turn The Devil Down
Jaromil Sabor – What I’m Saying
Varsity – Eye To Eye
Hungry Onions – Don’t Run Away
South Of France – Civilization
Holy Vision – Late
Persephone’s Bees – Nice Day
Baywaves – Marsupilami
Black Lizard – Love Is A Lie
New Candys – Aphrodite in Leather
Elephant Stone – Where I’m Going
Teevee – Doo Wah
Seed Coat – Read My Mind
Carpetland Flux Collective – I’m 70 and I Suck
Magic Shoppe – Salventius
Sun Sister – Blonde
Silver Skeleton Band –  Cringe Swinger
Lvoe – Can You Feel The Love
Bokonon – Stay Awake With Me
Wishplants – Look at it Spin
Dead Coast – Just Don’t Give Yourself
Rod Hamdallah – Stay Awake
Requin Chagrin – Le Chagrin
Temples – Certainty
Mystery Lights – Follow Me Home
Burnt Seeds – Fire In The Jukebox
Hungry Onions – Surf Bass
Adore The End – Quelque Part
Bed Rugs – Love
High Learys – Cabinet
Fresh & Onlys – Waterfall
Dunes – The Badman
Cullen Omori – Synthetic Romance
Disq – I’m Not Real
Grey Agenda – El Nino’s Wake
Telegram Scam – If You Want Her


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