Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 6th November 2016. This is the final show in the current run. On this show you can hear:

Holy Wave – She Put A Seed In My Ear
Holy Vision – Old
Tuska – We Could Be Alone
Frights – Cold
Mayflower Madame – Forever// The End of Everything
Golden Daze – Never Comin’ Back
Beliefs – Catch My Breath
Cigarette In Your Bed – Darkness
Bee Bee Sea – Stoned By Your Love
Shrinking Minds – Chasing
Telegram Scam – Dirty Town
Disq – All I Do Is Nothing
Freeholm Wilson – Be There
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Marmalade March
Heavns – Obsolete Arcana (Demo ft. Ruby Rey)
Bokonon – Vanilla Kiss
Violet Society – Nonsense
Dabble – This Nightlife
Holy Wave – Magic Landing
Baywaves – The Freak Kingdom
Golden Daze – Sleepin’ in the Sun
Exmagician – Job Done
Avers – Santa Anna
Inbetween Days – Soma
Bee Bee Sea – Lou Weird
Baby Strange – Pure Evil (remix)
Frights – Submarines
Mayflower Madame – Self Seer
Rain Pants – Funeral Rain
Disq – Overloaded
Telegram Scam – Neither Do I
Baston – Alamo
Cut Glass Kings – Only A Daydream
Safe Places – Wild Ride
New Candys – Dark Love
Wishplants –  Invaders from Space
Holy Wave – Western Playland
Golden Daze – Low
Magic Shoppe – All The Way
Acapulco Lips – Awkward Waltz
Silver Skeleton Band – Pocketful Of Darkness
Sun Sister – Sore Eyes
Requin Chagrin – Rose
Pink Mexico – Forgetting Everything
Night Dials – Ride With Me
Brass Bed – Be Anything
Blind Suns – American Psycho
Zephyr Bones – Black Lips
Walrus – Feels
Three Three Fives – A Future Without


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