Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing with Rob broadcast 8 January 2017:

On this week’s show are:
Radiators – Now You See Me
Film Jacket 35 – Angkor Wat
Superdrone – Echo
Chemtrails – Burnt Shadows
Electric Lazarus – Sometimes I Wonder
Blind Suns – You Said Strange (feat. Jim Rose)
Lillet Blanc – Foul Play
Deathrettes – Neptune
Try Umphs – Never Let You Go
Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls – What Can I Do
Bloodhounds On My Trail – Places Like This
Swimm – Man’s Man
Bikini Beach – Emily
Subterranean Satellite Band – Ventriloquists & Hypnotists
Magic Shoppe – Kill
Eat Fast – Public Display Of Affection
Velveteins – Sunhat
Three Three Fives – Just Let It Go (Demo)
Boa Constrictors – Wolfman
SiB – She Says
Sulk – Wishful Things
Comet Control – Silver Spade
Spiral Electric – Ghost In The Machine
Santoros – It’s You
White Wine – Where Is My Line?
Sun’s Evil Twin – Evil Theme
Toast of Botswana – Drifting Sand
Glum Parade – Ordinary Man
Frankie & the Witch Fingers – The Vibe
True Indigo – I Saw Purple
Sun Mahshene – No Control
Durty Wurks – Honey Bee
Blackash – Black Witch


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