That Indie Thing – Week 3, 2017

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 22 January 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can here:
Kaviar Special – I Wouldn’t Touch You With A Stick
Devils Teeth – Chong Li
Kiki Diágo – Pa Tí
Temples – Strange Or Be Forgotten
Violet Swells – There’s No Time Like Eternity
Fujiya & Miyagi – Extended Dance Mix
Ola La Meta – Playa Maldita
Middlemist Red – Drifter In The Dark
Pesos –  Atomic Love
Acid Tongue – Lately
Dios – Ain’t Nothin’ Here to Bother You No More
Purple Wizard –  Hey Sah Lo Ney
Control Of The Going – She
Dunes – Mountain
Karovas Milkshake – Cryptique
City Waves – Sleep Inn
Dolly Spartans – I Hear The Dead
Durty Wurks – The World’s Changed
Balue – West Coast Bros
Joel Gion – Tomorrow
Heat – Lush
Heaters – Mango
Petrified Tourist – Everybody is Afraid to Die
Ace – Man Out Of Time
Rebel Set – Trails
No Vacation – Dræm Girl
Crepes – Hidden Star
Casey Jr. Ride  – Lady Black
Gap Dream – Modern Rhythms
Posh Lost – Waiting
Terry Malts – Gentle Eyes
Slows Down – On And On



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