That Indie Thing – Week 4, 2017

Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Sin Radio 29 January 2017.

On this show you can hear:
Bonfire Nights – Easy Touch
Baudelaires – Bomber Dan
Neon Waltz – Dreamers
Terry Malts – Used To Be
Swellebound – Devil’s Tree
Cemeteries – Sodus
Action Andy & the Hi Tones – In The Middle Of The Night
Crocodiles – Hard
Brahma Loka – Wasp 35
Moses Gunn Collective – Back into the Womb
Jesuits – Dinner Jazz
Little Barrie – Love or Love
Creepseed – Holy Roller
Frank Williams & the Ghostdance – Lucile
Gandor Chorale – You Shouldn’t Either
Daydreams – Lavender Punk
Toy – Another Dimension
Backhomes – Rays
Slowdive – Star Roving
Big Surr – Sometimes
Vulpes Vulpes – While You’re Around
Bruch & Pu – Disco Bizzare
Dead Models – Rosy
Bruising – What It Feels Like
Shadowgraphs – Countryside
Cheena – Stupor
Papercuts – Do You Really Wanna Know
Closeness – More Romantic
Los Craters – Cross Eyed Girl
Duchess Says – Narcisse
Holocaust Nancy – She’s Such an Optimstic Fool (demo)
Las Rosas – Black Cherry
Last Remaining Pinnacle -To Dream


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