That Indie Thing – Week 5, 2017

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 5 February 2017 on Sin Radio. On this show you can hear:

Froth – Passing Thing
Baudelaires – Lucy Leave
Little Barrie – (Nothing Will) Eliminate
Holy Monitor – Bed Of The Earth
Six Sixes – Runaway
Luxury Death – Glue
Pablo Prisma – Criptozoología
Blissing Room – Fluorescent
Penelope Isles – Cut Your Hair
Fragrance – Collapse
Toma – Going Nowhere
Toulouse – Doe
Glockenwise – Leeches
Malcontent – Really Cool Scene
Tashaki Miyaki – Keep Me In Mind
Mansion Manija – Supersdosis
Desert Beats – We Can’t Forget
Crown of Pity – Perfect Moontan
Femme Accident – TV Snow
Tremolove – Enjoy The Silence
Sen Senra – Tell Me Your Dreams
Stephanie Browm & the Surrealistics – Go
My Laundry Life – To Set Things Right
Wild Age – Down The Well
Requin Chagrin – Adelaïde
Dead Coast – The Silt
Film Jacket 35 – Waiting For A Way Out
Bee Bee Sea – All The Boys All The Girls
Ono Scream – That Salty Taste
Routes – Thousand Forgotten Dreams
Underground Youth – Amerika
Wild Sons – Devil’s Season
End Of The Echo – Photographed to Death


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