That Indie Thing – Week 6, 2017

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 12 February 2017.

On the show this week are:
Mustang – Karaboudjan
Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door
Pink Tiles – For Tomorrow
Albert Cavalier – Wasted & Stoned
Cigarette Bums – Lose My Cool
Gulp – Search For Your Love
Mwstard – Dance Mwncis
Rosewaters – Another Day
Splashh – Waiting A Lifetime
Film Jacket 35 – Georgia
Planeta Menta – Baby’s Summer
Pono AM – Good Vibes
Funeral Advantage – CEOT7K
Brace ! Brace ! –  I Sprawl
Tres Oui – Prince of Pop
Sandcherries – Nereid Love
Bee Eyes – Earthworm Jr
Rattler Proxy – Mr. Sham
Temples – Roman Godlike Man
Exmagician – Wild Eyes
Blurry Minds – Drown
Courtneys –  Tour
You Are Number Six – This Glimpse Of You
Uh bones – I’ll Never
Creases – Everybody Knows
Test – 7th Street Metro
Dinamita Brother – Shoot
Snowball II – Anais & Me
Femme Accident – All Means Nothing
Menace Beach – Suck It Out
Mount Zamia – Donny
Drab Majesty – Kissing The Ground
Bee Bee Sea – Just Myself


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