That Indie Thing – Week 7, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 19 February 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this week’s show you can hear:
Crocodiles – Welcome To Hell
Girls Names – I Could Die
BNQT – Restart
AofM – Storm
Beach Bums – Spider Eyes
Go Cactus – Something in your drink
Closer – Out of The Range
Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl
Rosewaters – Lunar Living
Radiators – Dreamt Of Nothin
Britanys – In Yer Time
Holocaust Nancy – I Just Might Dream of You (demo)
Paperhead – Dama de Lavanda
Film Jacket 35 – Beach Riot
Baudelaires – Scrapbooker
Gorgeous Bully – Come Home
Sonic Visions – Lights Go Out
Heavns – Rewind Again
Fews – La Guardia
Tashaki Miyaki – Girls on T.V.
Blush Response – This City Will Eat Itself
Djokovic – Pady
Swimming Tapes – Cameos
Buttertones – Tequila Mockingbird
Exmagician – Plan Retrieval
Courtneys – Minnesota
Mayflower Madame – Self Seer
Pink Diamond Revue – At The Discotheque
Jurassic Shark – Spanish
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Julie’s Place
Luna Ghost – Vanisher
Easy Love – I’ll Be Fine
Beat Mark – I’m Looking Forward



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