That Indie Thing – Week 9, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 5 March 2017 on Sin Radio,

On the show this week are:

Sun’s Evil Twin – Insula
Dead Horse One – Insight
Hoops – Rules
Dead Gurus – Mistress X
People Flavor – Shake Well
Holygram – Still There
Catete Rococó – Palmero Batuquero
Horsebeach – Alone
Twin Palace – Standby
My Expansive Awareness – Heaven
Lion’s Den – Scars
A Deer A Horse – Backswimmer
Jennifer – Black Cat
Michelles – All Is Forgiven
Temples – Born Into The Sunset
Underground Youth – Strangle Up My Mind
Apparitions Of Myself – Impulses
River Wilde – Calla Lily
Purest – Always
Klares – Gooie
Hater – Cry Later
Los Shadows – Miami
Los Fritos – Un poco de vos
Pastel Dream – Shell
Black Sonic Revolver – Wish Away
Linda Guilala – Mucho Más Joven
Windy Bangs – Love at the Four Moons
Saint Pe – Kiss It Goodbye
Soaked – Backseat Heat
Jesuits – Pescatori
Retro Dizzy – Mystery
Archie and the Bunkers – Miss Taylor
Fling – Banjo Billy
Buried Feather – Well Wishes


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