That Indie Thing – Week 10, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 12 March 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Me and the Bees – Spinnin’
Pete International Airport – 21 Days
Hers – Speed Racer
December Flowers – Fall
Catete Rococó – Tus Amigas Me Odian
Beremy Jets – Scandi Sneakers
Marlon Brandos Island – A Troubled Past
Starwheel – Slow Down
Los Shadows – Riverside
Jesuits –  Hexx
My Expansive Awareness – Talking
Ride – Charm Assault
Kotas – Meet Me At The Whole Foods
Violet Swells – Infinity In Your Eyes
Straytones – Gotta Go!
Candids – Modern Life
Anaploys – Negative
Mongrelettes – We Left Off
Babe Rainbow – Ash May & Dr. Lovewisdom
Types – Mild Learning Difficulties
Actors – How Deep is the Hole
Green Seagull – They Just Don’t Know
Haunted Tiger – Heart’s On Fire
Blind Shake – Apostle Island
North Sun – Alpha Hills
Monkey Warhol – Washed Out
Lunch Ladies – Love Is Overrated
Trementina – Please, Let’s Go Away
Holy Monitor – Golden Light (album version)
Noise Figures – Feathers
Static Daydream – Everyday Is Fall
Michelles – Something New
Magic Castles – Wander


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