That Indie Thing – Week 14, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 9 April 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Colour Of Spring – Frail
Tobin Sprout – All Used Up
Janitors – Trojan Goat
Antelopes – It’s You
Bolinas – Vacation
Mr Elevator – Fuzz Phantom
Diamond Center – Gold Driver
Baby Strange – Motormind
Psyence – Cold Blooded Killer
Mint – Carmen Cortez
Vundabar – Darla
Thee Creeps – Personal Frankenstein
Spoon – Hot Thoughts
Auras – Ultra Lucious
Tess Parks and The Auras – Feel No Shame
Party Hardly – Jobs
Port Juvee – Tenerife
White Bleaches – In The Night
Mummies – (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes
Death By Unga Bunga – When You’re Alone
Keep Razors Sharp – The Lioness
Ocean Forest – Anyway You Go
Sunflowers – The Witch
Colfax Speed Queen – Intergalactic Love Song
Mountain States – Here It Is
Diablo Furs – Blue Candy Blue
Chemtrails – Deranged
Halasan Bazar – Freak
Ist Ist – Silence
Shrinking Minds – Something Better
Thee Telepaths – Drink Me
Eat Fast – Scrambled Egg
Joel Jerome – I Feel Finite (New Mix)
Seafuzz – Sun Gazing


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