That Indie Thing – Week 16, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 23 April 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Animal Youth – Rainy Day
Brunch Club – Bed Bugs
Walrus – Regular Face
Arc Flash – Divination
Darren McGrath – All I Need
Merk – Eat A Lemon Tart
Naive Thieves – Hair of the Dog
Sprinters – Figure It Out
Jared Mees – Life Is Long
Hovvdy – Problem
Trick Bird – Can You See Me
Junk Boys – Walk With Me
Kicked Off The Streets – My Cup Of Tea
Soaked – It’s True
Merry Faithful – Lord, Don’t Let Me Down
Idle Youth – Gardens
Apache Sun – Wandering Eyes
Triptides – Shadows
Lazy Faithful – Baby Don’t You Know
Keep Razors Sharp – Five Miles
Splashh – See Through
Skaters – Head on to Nowhere
Darlia – Ballad of Black & White
Sugar Candy Mountain – Tired
Proper Ornaments – Deep One Perfect Morning
End Of The Echo – Drone Queen
Madcaps – Devil Money
Cut Glass Kings – Here Comes The Light
Holy Youth – Hanging Around
Buttertones – Dionysus
Hearty Har – Can’t Keep Waiting
Los Tones – The Door
Weed & Dolphins – Mortal Kola
Sir Robin & The Longbowmen – I Would Like


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