That Indie Thing – Week 18, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 7 May 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Alpha Whale – Sun God
Dead Ghosts – Waste My Time
Stevenson Ranch Davidians – Holy Life
Portable Radio – Hot Toddy
Black Angels – I Dreamt
Junkie – Fountain Drinks
Heaters – Master Splinter
Nilein – Holidays
Au.Ra – Applause
Bootchy Temple – The Flying Woman And Her Secret Pact With The Wind
Daydream Time Machine – Mistress
Tigre y Diamante – Mujer Delgada Sobre Fondo Gris
Love Company – Go on To Better Things (alternative hi-fi)
Tremolove – Saint Malo Mon Amour
Indian Summer – Deadbeat
Dead On – My Girl
Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers – Running Wild
Green Seagull – Scarlet
Betrayers – Love Rat
Domiciles – Hate The Sinner
Jaromil Sabor – Aedion 101
Acid Carousel – Seven Roses
Telyscopes – Magnificent Imitator
Echo Beach – Our Mother
Mysteries – New Age Psychedelic Experience
Charlatans – Plastic Machinery
Div I Ded – Wasted
Casket Girls – Suddenly
Fugitive Orchestra – Captain of a Sinking Ship
Mighty Sands – DK
Satellite Jockey – Copernicus
Peeling – Vulture’s Game
Chalk and Numbers – I Hope You Do
Native Fox – To Feel New


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