That Indie Rob – Week 19, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 14 May 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Symposium – The Physical Attractions
Terror Watts – So Alone
Orange Kyte – Elasticity [Astral Peaks Remix]
Sports Coach – Inversions
Alpha Whale – It’s You Babe part 1 & 2
Shivas – Turn Me On
Kindling – Can’t Hardly Wait
Tangerines – 1945
Houses of Heaven – Almost Hidden
Space Kelly – Einen Augenblick
Disq – Sticky Days (demo)
Baby Ghosts – Sleepums
Broken Hearts – Tomorrow Night
Ivory Elephant – No. 1 Pop Hit
Bambi Molesters – Malaguena
Betrayers – Belong Here Raga
Husbands – Chewy
BNQT – Hey Banana
Dirty Water – The Reason
Domiciles – 100 Miles (2017 Rework)
Dead On – Night Watch
Tazers – Wake Up
Ian McNabb – Can’t Get What I Want
Auntie Leo & The Backstabbers – Girl Ain’t Got
Bummers – Sick and Tired
Black Angels – Medicine
Daydream Time Machine – Revelations
Revellions – Down On Your Luck
Fat Sun – Sleeping Giant
Rosewaters – Nowadays
Kane Strang – My Smile Is Extinct
Golden Dregs – Congratulations
Fireworks – Dream About You
Moon Loves Honey – Tell Me More Of Your Lies


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