That Indie Thing – Week 22, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 4 June 2017 on Sin Radio.

Beside the odd mistake, this week you can hear:
Turn Signals – Duck And Cover
Eve’s Peach – Evening
Coffin Fits – Cursed
Shrouded Amps – Chocolate Church
Neon Waltz – Perfect Frame
Jet Trash – I Don’t Wanna Know
When The Sun Hits – Remain
Sprinters -Shred Met
Doghouse Charlie – Susquehanna
Sextile – One Of These
Film School – Bye Bye Bird
Outta Sites – Arula Mata Gali
Pleasure House – Mind Control
Bad Signs – Hypno Twist
Snail Mail – Thinning
Soft Ride – The Sun In Her Eyes
Satan’s Pilgrims – Siniestro
Sunny Days – Try For Your Love
Tree House – New Echoes
Geek Maggot Bingo – Swingtown
Betrayers – Night ‘n’ Day Boogie
Desert Mountain Tribe – Wave Goodbye
Cauley P – Sinking Through
Tombstones In Their Eyes – Another Day
Debate Club – Dépêche
Eat Fast – Immortal Kombat
Blush Response – (Not In It) For Love
Admiral – Escapism
Kill West – Faces
AJ Davila – Dolores
The Mad Doctors – Dead Beach
La Poison – Shake It
Deafcult – Rubix
Half Stack – Yellow Rose
Hello, I’m Sorry – Know A Man
Bleak Plaza – Fire the Olfactory
Mohndaze – Dylan Was Right


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