That Indie Thing – Week 23, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 11 June 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
The Arthurs – Can’t Show Your Face
Cozzmos – Feel The Bern
Lo Fi Legs – Slipstream
AJ Davila – Mi Vida
Busted Boys – Blinded
Ghosts – Lullaby
Sunny Days – Strange Waves
Baby Strange – Play Me
Gufra – Idle Afternoons
Husky – Ghost
Sprinters – Weekends
Violet Swells – Index of Refraction
And The Hangnails – Don’t Waste My Time
Basement Revolver – Johnny Pt 2
Foliage – Dare
2 by Bukowski feat. Kid Moxie – Hot Summer
Rayon – Don’t Worry
Mellow Gang – Vendetta
Buttertones – Sadie’s A Sadist
Arista Fiera – Castelao
Wintermilk – Seagull
Gorgeous Bully – I Can See
Food Group – Lakespirit
Summerhead – Ferris Wheel (Round and Round)
Vagina Lips – The Internet Is Bringing Me Down
Oh Gunquit – Never Sorry
Lucky + Love – Digging in the Earth
Darlia – Beam Me Up
Silence In The Snow – Into My World
Double Denim – A Bad Feeling
Cartwheelers – Skateboard Psychedelia
Submarino – Dominique Crenn
Star Tropics – Another Sunny Day
Wedding Present – Falling


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