That Indie Thing – Week 25, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 25 June 2017 on Sin Radio.

This week you can hear:
Violet Swells – Amok Time
Gorgeous Bully – Health
Antipole – Deco Blue (feat. Mats Davidsen)
Las Munjitas Del Fuzz – Pecado
Mooon – Surfin’ With You
Joey Fourr – Uhmericka
Cove – Brand New Day
Cozzmos – Iridescent
Surf City – Beat The Summer Heat
Rippers – A Lot of Time
Rancho Relaxo – Augen Zu
Crocodiles – Hollow Hollow Eyes
Babe Rainbow – Cosmic Now
Dusty Mush – Johnny Cactus
Sugar Candy Mountain – 666
Thieves and Gypsys – Animal
The Neanderthals – Space Oddity
Clare House – Fine Words Bad Feelings
Them Jones – Maya
Sea Fuzz – Nowhere To Go
Coo Coo Birds – Meet Me In Paris
Nocturnal Tapes – Is It Too Late
Wolf Solent – Red Moon
Sacred Shrines – Trail To Find
Or Edry – Davidovitch
Francisco The Man – I’ll Feel Better
Hoorsees – The Horror Sees
Radium Dials – Sunshine Kiss
Popguns – Sugar Kisses
Lluvia Trip – Beach
Havania Whaal – Supermoon


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