That Indie Thing – Week 28, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 16/17 July on Sin Radio, Defiant Radio and WMR.

On this show you can hear:

Thee Grinch – Baby
TodaysHits – Love or Drugs
zZz – House Of Sin
Dead Stereo Boots – Yeah Yeah (Spring)
Tree Smith – Again and Again
Milk – Another Great Smell in the City
Moon Diagrams – End Of Heartache
Culture Abuse – So Busted
Indigo Plateau – Doctor’s Grip
Solid Hex – PSA
Bornstars – Don’t Say Another Word
Råttanson – Rejection Hurts
Raft – Coming Up For Air
Tugboat Captain – Don’t Want To Wake Up On My Own
Try Umphs – Leave Me Alone
Clustersun – Raw Nerve
Antoine Diligent – All I Wanna Do (Beach Boys Cover)
Van T’s – Fresh Meat
Melenas – Donde éstas
Dark Horses – Saturn Returns
Fews – Metal
Haunted Homes – Mischief Night
Will Saunders – Another Deity Away
Rare Monk – Happy Haunting
Waxahatchee – Never Been Wrong
Secret Colours – Feed the Machine
Generationals – Mythical
Grey Water – Jimmy
Figmennt – With Me
Baywaves – Gliss
Black Is Bright – Headroom
Cereal Glyphs – Passions Not Enough
Ride – Cali


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