That Indie Thing – Week 35, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 3/4 September on Sin Radio, Defiant Radio and WMR.

This week you can hear:
Screen Vinyl Image – Rx
Marble Gods – A Different State
Billy King & the Bad Bad Bad – Fever Dreamin’
Misty Coast – Trash Talk Smile
Souvinir Driver – Voices of a Traveler
Coastal Clouds – Nothing to Hide
Ritual Howls – Blood Red Moon
Made Violent – Unamused
IPNO – Snow
Angel Kaplan – Broken Toys
Hinds – Caribbean Moon
Witch Trials – The Witch
Acid Carousel – El Gaucho
Sunsplit – She Said
HeartsRevolution – Pop Heart
Photographic Memory – Thinking Of You
Saccades – Red
Rainout – Bleach
Ross De Shane Hurricanes – The Jailbird
Sweet Nobody – Manner of Speaking
Sighs – Love From Lisa
Eyeberries – Zombie Catchers
Delay Trees – Gold
Pale Monday – Modulator (ft.Dwayve)
Travelling Wave – Sweet Jane
Best Friend – Moon, Bring Doom
Flowers in Syrup – Song About Peaches And Mars
Burning Palms – False Prophet
Desert Stars – I Used to Sit in a Wagon
Bootblacks – Hold & Dissolve
Pinkshinyultrablast – Find Your Saint
Starlight Run – One Day We’ll Split In Two
Autobahn – The Moral Crossing

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