That Indie Thing – Week 42, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 20-23 October on Mad Wasp Radio, Sin Radio, Defiant Radio and WMR.

On this show you can hear:
Pealds – Hello Tacoma
New Candys – Lunar Day
Dead Ends – Narri-E Narri-O
Dunts – Coalition of Chaos
Heaters – Cap Gun
Wild Honey – Messed Up
June Parker – Throw It All Away
Twirrl – Down
Choir and Marching Band – Put Down The Phone
Groovees – You Win
Driftwood Pyre – Strangeways
Green Seagull – (I Used To Dream In) Black And White
Madcaps – Bitter
Virgin Kids – Cracks In A Colour
Betty & the Werewolves – Francis
Seeing Hands – Take Me Back
Gloom Sleeper – The Black Side
Bed – Fine
King Shelter – Failure
Kaviar Special – Back To School
Linn Koch-Emmery – Under the Sun
Dark Narrows – Visitation
Real Burnouts – How Good It Feels
Document – Habit
Sandcherries – Nuit Blanche
Gateway Drugs – Airwaves (Hello Beautiful Remix)
Cupid Youth – Letters To Julia
La Houle – Souvenir
New Candys – Mercenary
Pin ups – You Make Me Feel So Sick
Vacant Smiles – Messin’ Around
Bad Knaves – Get Up On High


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