That Indie Thing – 30 September 2019


Catch up or listen again with That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 30 September 2019.

On this show you can hear:

Kostas Milaras – Substitute (ft. Sma Rag Da)
Allah Las – In The Air
Foggy Tapes – Good Old Gods
Velvet Starlings – Bitter Pills
Wurve – Memory Bleach
Lola Demo – Fifty Percent Broken
Betrayers – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Useless Cities – Life Is Full Of Endless Possibilities
Bob Mould – I Don’t Mind
Telepathy Club – Fade
Ali Horn – Dreamers
Sun Colors – Patterns
Swan Wash – Motion Figure
Foggy Tapes – Here comes the fog
Mattiel – Je Ne Me Connais Pas
Castlebeat – East Coast
Velvet Starlings – Emerald Isle
Wurve – Beneath My Stone
Lola Demo – Kisses Are Venom
Suns Up – Do What You Feel Like
Beach Moonsters – Take Off
Cuckoos – We Can Take A Trip To Another Day
Swervedriver – Reflections
Ivy Walls – Eyes Without A Face
Foggy Tapes – Dark Haired Queen
DMc – Nothing In Your Way
Sleepwalk – Swivel
Dream Dali – Little Lights
Shiva and the Hazards – Angkor Wat
Pinemoon – Sinister
Startripper – Black Blanket

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