That Indie Thing – 29 June 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 29 June 2020. On this show you can hear:
Affectionate Punch – Will We Ever Know
High Low – Slackers
Cosmic Letdown – Tsunami
Mariya May – Up and Down My Spine
R McClure & Tall Shadows – Sweet Thing!
Travel Check – Death Of Chill
Modern City Limits – Future Is Past
Sunbeam Sound Machine – Worry Wart
Mother Tongues – Let You Down
My Expansive Awareness – Liar Liar
Night Shop – Hello Take Me Anywhere
R.E. Seraphin – Today Will Be Kind
TJ Roberts – Sinceridipity
Scenius – Darkest Lines
Sweaty Palms – Captain Of The Rugby Team
Cosmic Letdown – Your Trail
Mariya May – Why When Love is Gone
R McClure & Tall Shadows – Never Love Me Again
Travel Check – Hate The Night
Mass Datura – Sutra Swoon Sutra
IronTom – Call Me The West
Teens – Another Day
Lions Tigers and Bears – Holiday
Dead Parties – Black Moon
Hyla – Deserve
Inebriate Asylum – Be Careful What You Wish For
Attawalpa – Done Hanging On
Static in Verona – The Sparrow
Gum Country – Talking To My Plants
Plants & Animals – Sacrifice
Animal Scream – Station To Station
Relay Tapes – Planetarium

That Indie Thing – 22 June 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 22 June 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Stone Submarines – Forever Mine
Crumble Factory – Days of a Salesman
Marty Went Back – Aeroplane
Apache Sun – Anima
Crocodiles – Burning Up
Thunderbeats – New Morning
Inebriate Asylum – Manifesto
Ian Kay – Ain’t Comin’ Home
Zolas – Energy Czar
Sindy – First Cut
Wytches – Cowboy
Pylons – Leaving
Brandon Jack & The Artifacts – I Guess I’m Bad For You
Drama Kings – Hate Train Blues
Shana Cleveland – Face of the Sun
Marty Went Back – Bubbles
Apache Sun – Broken Branches
Crocodiles – If You Were A Priest
Thunderbeats – Somebody Isn’t Feeling
Holy Wave – Im Not Living In The Past Anymore
Tahi – Heebie Jeebies
Witching Waves – Red Light
Brother Sports – Distractions
Trummors – Silver City Blues
Swine Tax – Screensaver
Ural Mountains – Lack of Slackers
Mackintosh – Good Front
Hinds – Boy
Marty Went Back – We Were Lovers
Atlantic Thrills – Bed Bugs
Closed Mouth – Blue Hair
Cathedral Bells – Undertow
Sonic Boom – My Echo, My Shadow and Me
Draag – Cee

That Indie Thing 15 June 2020


Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 15 June 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Amsay – Timoshenko
Sindy – Trash Burn
Fontanarosa – Lights Off
Goodbye Bedouin – Blow
Holy Monitor – Bloodworm
Ian Kay- A Man Like Me
Way Ways – Open House
Inebriate Asylum – Cul-de-sac
Hatchie & The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – Sometimes Always
Marty Went Back – Other Side
Medicine Dolls – Psycho Killer
Closed Mouth – Your Smile
Yard Act – The Trapper’s Pelts
Bully – Where to Start
Skygreen Leopards – Leave The Familiy
Fontanarosa – In It
Goodbye Bedouin – Prove Me Wrong
Holy Monitor – Radiant Child
New Aura – Seven Star Summit
Mighty Orchid King – Swirling
Gang of Four – Forever Starts Now
Kotomi – A Good Thing
Chris Wills – Pyro
Reverberations – Under Your Spell
Suncharms – 3 Billion Heartbeats
Coco – One Time Villain
Fuzz Lightyear – Animal
Robin Moss – Hope You Stay
Fontanarosa – Eyes On The Floor
Ex Girls – Short Time Delay
Wrecked Beach – Fried
Dad Shirt – Better With You
Cloud Factory – Amnesia
Beau Lightning – In The Ai

That Indie Thing – 1 June 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 1 June 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Tourists – Lego Man
Vindit – Aabb Schemes
Lo! Peninsula – Chasing tidal waves
Know – Dreamlike State
Public Practice – Hesitation
Skuldpadda – Wild Card
Zoon – Vibrant Colours
Centipede – Into Oblivion
Los Shadows – Portals
Honeywhip – Feels Good To Laugh
Shimmertraps – Plume
Shimmering Stars – Ego Identity
Topographies – In Your Hands
S. Product – Waste Your Time
Crows – Whisper
Lo! Peninsula – Sleight Of Hand
Know – Hold Me Like You Know Me
Public Practice – Understanding
Skuldpadda – Kick to the Sun
Bysts – Runes
Travelling Wave – The Strike
Fews – Heaven
XTR Human – On A Greater Scale
Baybs – Would You Dare
Atomic Bronco – Stranglehold
Lost Beach – Show Me The World
Lo! Peninsula – Quicksand (Nuffin)
Starflyer 59 – This Recliner
Shimmerance – Falling Down

That Indie Thing – 25 May 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 25 May 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Tara – Oceans
Glaswen -Store Of Sense
Chemtrails – Saint Vitus
Frances and The Majesties – Laser Pointer
Inebriate Asylum – Activation Energy
Sonic Boom – Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
Helen Love – 1234 Dee Dee Ramone
G.D.D.L.F. – Fue fantástico estar bien (dirty mix)
Beach Bums – Shrug
Sun Mahshene – Ride The Wave
Elephant Stone – Child Of Nature (Om Namah Shivaya)
Occult X – Quarantine Dream
Closed Mouth – A Short Term Effect (bordelique Mix)
Kristof – Bubbles
Loose Tooth – Bites Will Bleed
Chemtrails – Rats
Inebriate Asylum – When You Sleep
Frances and The Majesties – Lizard
Sleep Eaters – In This Town
Love Dealer – How
Sleepy Gaucho – Halfway
Soft Palms – Rainbows
Secret Shame – Dissolve
Drens – I Can Barely See
Spectres – I Want It
Gum Country – Tennis (I Feel OK)
Attawalpa – No Fools
Melenas – Despertar
Chemtrails- Slag Heap Deity 1
Apple Orchard – A Slow Dissolve
TALK! – Gimme Some Truth
Goodbye Bedouin – Down To The Wire

That Indie Thing – 18 May 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 18 May 2020

On this show you can hear:
Prysm – Watchers
Boat – I Believe In The Principle
Great Scots – Show Me The Way
Bedforms – Bola Swing
Dead Friends – Honey Darts
Mo Douglas – She’s Heard of the Merlot
Hazel English – Like A Drug
Dummy – Angel’s Gear
Indoor Voices – Still
Lady Legs – Wasted Emotion
Dears – Heart Of An Animal
Apple Orchard – A Hiding Smile
Korto – No Shit
Know – Sometimes Always
Sun Mahshene – Leave This City
Great Scots – That’s My Girl
Bedforms – Sea of Eyes
Dead Friends – 1912
Mo Douglas – The Ideal Buffet
Moonjacks – Bummer
Sunstinger – The Void
Arthurs – Void
Pure X – Middle America
Porcelain Raft – Out Of Time
Casual Drag – Bleach Head
Gateway Drugs – Slumber
B-Side Tangent – The Downtrodden
Pip Blom – Sell By Date
Great Scots – The Light Hurts My Eyes
Dream Cars – Myth Of The Cat
Fibs – Cut Hands
Chemtrails – Blurred Visions
Bee Bee Sea – Daily Jobs
Sun’s Evil Twin – The Final

That Indie Thing – 11 May 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 11 May 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Pink Moon – Le Mysterie de Femme Nuits
Psycho Daisies – She’s A-Wild!
Dead Ghosts – You Got Away
Gentlemen – Hollow As The Sun
Hazel English – Milk and Honey
Oceans – High On You
93millionmilesfromthesun – Nothing Left Inside
Blue Canopy – St. Albans
Voices – Flames Versus the Seventh Art
Beachtape – Loose Ends
Dead Ghosts – In and Out
Bilinda Butchers – Night And Blur
Vacant Lots – Rescue
Dirty Clergy – Trials
Coo Coo Birds – Psychedelic Warrior
Dead Ghosts – Swiping Hubcaps
Gentlemen – Musings
Hazel English – Waiting
Oceans – Without Love We’re Nothing
Blvff – Crystal Ball
March of Progress – Jackspear
Day & Dream – A Study In The Pixels Of Your Face
Closed Mouth – You Pray For Better Days
Lottery Winners – Love Will Keep Us Together
Nick Leng – Walking Home to You
LA Salami – Things Ain’t Changed
Dead Ghosts – Holdin’ Me Down
Gentlemen – Corner Of Your Eye
Hazel English – Off My Mind
Sky Between Leaves – Hetty Merton
Thousand Yard Stare – Precious Pressures
Suns of Rest – Solace

That Indie Thing – 4 May 2020

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing with Rob broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio week commencing 4 May 2020.

On this show you can hear:
Phosphene – Spiral
Baby Jesus – Do Worry
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 1
Melenas – 3 Segundos
Resonars – I Wonder
Cockatoo – Flicker
Tijuana Panthers – Current Outfit
Mary’s Restless Dream – Show me the way
Kumari – She Was Mine
Leg Puppy – Secret Friend feat Josefin Öhrn
Brain Zero – Blackwood
Inebriate Asylum – Head In The Sand
Chew – Ti and Do
Blue Canopy – Keys to the Garden
Valkarys – Turn To Dust
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 2
Melenas – Primer Tiempo
Resonars – You’ve Never Been Down Before
Filibuster – Sticky Wicket
Boat – Loneliness Kills
Jason Simon – Red Dust
Shybits – Bruce Lee
Static in Verona -Endless Holiday
Suffer Fools – I’m a cliche blues
Honey Lung – Nothing
Carmanah – Best Interests
Charles William – Happiness
Jenny O. – God Knows Why
Aux Portes – Mountain, Pt. 3
Asteroid No.4 – Northern Song
Dying Shames – The Bitch
Lovetones – Modern Life is Killing Me
Know – Someday Maybe

That Indie Thing – 27 April 2020


Catch up or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 27 April 2020 on Mad Wasp Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Beverly Kills – Seven Sisters
Sipper – Friend
Buttertones – Fade Away Gently
Mattiel – Baron’s Sunday Best
Small Victories – Give up the Ghost
STRFKR – Dear Stranger
Roman Fuck Party – Isolate
Yacht – Multi-Family Garage Sale
Made Violent – My Friends
Psychic Ills – Never Learn Not to Love
Beto Beto – Shadow Puppet Plays
Fruit Bats – Shane
Allergic To Humans – Uggly Things
Coywolf – The Feat of Doing Anything at All
Ancients – Hey Now
Buttertones – Infinite Tenderness
Mattiel – Follow My Name
Small Victories – We’re Not Afraid
STRFKR – Never The Same
Skuldpadda – Dumbr Weakr Slowr
Unloved – Why Not
Even As We Speak – Forgiving
Blinders – I Can’t Breathe Blues
Dead Bedrooms – Aggrocrag
Vero – Heaven on Earth
Voodoo Children – Follow Blind
Forever Strange – Hot Blood
Pure X – Fantasy
Inebriate Asylum – Karoshi
Pins – Ghosting
Rose of the West – Tiny Knives
Chemtrails – Suck My Mind
Swanhoppers – Forever
Table Scraps – I Wanna Stay Home With U
Prince Joely – Good Flesh

That Indie Thing – 20 April 2020


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast week commencing 20 April 2020 on Mad Wasp Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Venus Furs – Living In Constant
Fleur – Petit Homme De Papier
Magic Castles – Lost Dimension
Peel Dream Magazine – Escalator Ism
Confederate Dead – Carousel
Irma Vep – Not Even
Jack Cades – Mrs Voyant
Lost Tapes – Dont Know No Better
Routes – Housework In My Head
Suffer Fools – When i was a Monster
Mayflower Madame – A Future Promise
Hazel English – California Dreamin’
Varsity – Runaway
Broke Investors – Keep A Close Watch On Me
Band in Heaven – Sleazy Dreams
Magic Castles – Ode to the Wind
Peel Dream Magazine – Too Dumb
Confederate Dead – Illumination
Irma Vep – The Feeling Is Gone
Jack Cades – Sometimes It Rains
Lost Tapes – Livewire
Routes – It’s My Time
Suffer Fools – Dopamine Ghosts
Servo – I
Bread & Butter – Psycho World
Travelling Wave – The Lake
Little Illusion Machine – Alias mode (home recording)
Wellworn Banana – Rui Costa
Magic Castles – Relax Your Mind
Peel Dream Magazine – Eyeballs
WJLP – Oxygene Pt IV
Ceramic Animal – The Message
@TheButtertones – Phantom Eyes
@kingdomfields – Infiernos