That Indie Thing – Week 34, 2018

Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 21-27 August 2018 on Mad Wasp Radio, Sin Radio, Defiant Radio, WMR, Vibes Unit, Hanks Alternative Radio and Wyrelite Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Plastic Waves – Drift
Ravi Shavi – Bloody Opus
Durty Wurks – All I Want To Do
Brain Zero – Time
Baby Woodrose – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
Baby Woodrose – Love Like A Flower
Holydrug Couple – Waterfalls
Kim Gray – Taking It Easy
Blac Rabbit – Closer to the Sun
Blac Rabbit – The Way the Wind Whips
Plushing – Do You Feel It Too
King Creep – Beach House
Gorgeous Bully – Patience
Astral Planes – Love Electrified
Orange Imagination – I Need You
Bloody Knees – Spinning
Cafe Racer – Mush Mouth
Cafe Racer – Latter Day Paint
Durty Wurks – Again And Again
Magon – The Streets
Higher State – I’ll Always Be Around
Higher State – Transparent Day
Ladada – Western Wash
C33s – Better Luck Next Time, Soul Seeker
Mystic Braves – Perfect Person
Mystic Braves – Shades Of Grey
Club De Lay – Clementine
Sound and Fury – Coming Down
Spookies – Out Of The Inside
Spookies – Please Come Back
Durty Wurks – Inside Out
Dev Ray – Can’t hide
Rusty Dusty – My Momma Told Me I’m Wrong
Citrus Clouds – Golden Sun

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