That Indie Thing – Week 11, 2017


Catch up with or listen again to That Indie Thing broadcast 19 March 2017 on Sin Radio.

On this show you can hear:
Grandaddy – Evermore
Los Shadows – Seaside
Vague – Closer
Damaged Bug – Unmanned Scanner
Vinyl Staircase – German Wings
Blind Shake – Reasonable World
Straytones – Enchanted
Doug Tuttle – Bait The Sun
Sarah Bethe Nelson – Evolution
Sunface – Melt
Jesuits – Radio Bunnies
Buttertones – A Tear For Rosie
T. Rexico – Never In Dreams
When Nalda Became Punk – Hanging Out With Imogen
Chupacabras – The Devils A She
Valkarys – Shoot La La (DEMO)
Kristoff Waltz – Wurlitzer
Sickly Hecks – Cyber Dating
Golden Animals – The Steady Roller
Voodoo Vali – Wild Witch (DEMO)
Babe Rainbow – Planet Junior
Triptides – Darling
Jesus And Mary Chain – Amputation
Three Three Fives – What Goes On
Jiffy Club – If You Say So
Darling Buds – Complicated
Mansion Manija – Flor De Cartón
New Today – Anymore
Pete International Airport – George The 2nd
Mr Elevator – Ending
Cheers Elephant – Wallet
Froth – Contact




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